Provision Of Air Craft Rescue Firefighting Service (ARFF)

This ARFF Professional Development Framework Manual (PDFM) is intended for the very first time to provide a comprehensive professional development framework for the  Somalia Aviation Fire Industry. While understanding that each airport and its fire and rescue service providers are unique, the specialty of Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) is not unique and a means of establishing a uniform framework of education and training for its members is long overdue and desired for the industry and its customer service base. This manual is meant to provide a baseline of career progression and act as a best practice guideline for the industry with the specific intent of the individual airports to move toward a standardized level of training and education for its members. The goal is to establish a comprehensive education and training document that identifies life-cycle education/training requirements from the entry level firefighter to the Chief Officer of the organization.

This manual can be used by the organizational leadership teams of ARFF Departments to plan, manage, and control training and education within the variety of rank structures that exist in each organization. This manual can also be used by individual to map out their career advancement by building their own personal career development plan with intent on achieving their own personal skill sets and desired

Name of course Duration Tacket group Fees
ARRF leadership 40 hours 1 week Fire service officer
Basic fire safety course 16 hours two days Open to all workers
Basic fire fighting course 80 hours two weeks Members of stablished fire fighting team
Basic structural fire fighting course Four weeks Fire brigades’ ,oil industry workers
Advanced structural fire fighter course Four weeks Serving fire brigades
First responer course Two weeks All rescue and fire fighters
Airport fire officer course Four weeks Fire fighting officers